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Cosmetic Dentistry

fillings.pngTooth Colored Fillings

We use a resin composite (tooth colored) filling. These images show an example of replacing an amalgam (silver filling) with a composite.

Porcelain Crowns

Crowns strengthen & protect teeth that are fractured, have a large, old filling, or are severely damaged by decay.

Female Crowns Before & After     Male Crowns Before & After



Composite material that is used to close tooth gaps, eliminate spots, chips, & discolorations.



  • Offers a permanent solution to tooth loss
  • Stabilizes denture
  • Metal anchor (titanium screw) inserted into the jawbone & a protruding post which is outfitted with an artificial tooth (crown)

implantA.jpg  implantB.jpg


In Office

  1. Take impression for bleaching trays.
  2. Wear trays at home every night for two weeks (16%).
  3. Final in office bleaching (27%).

At Home

  1. Take impression for bleaching trays.
  2. Wear trays at home for two weeks (16% bleach).

Advantages of This Technique

  • Trays form a "suction" to your teeth allowing more bleach to stay in your tray.
  • Lower sensitivity.
  • Easy home maintenance for coffee & tea drinkers, smokers.

*Remember it is the actual bleach that whitens your teeth - Not a "magic" light that dehydrates them.



  • Limited Orthodontics
  • Traditional metal and clear aligners
  • Sports mouthguards

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